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About Us

The concept for the Tallyho-Traveller is a culmination of businesswoman Carol Hellwig’s passions for horses, travel and writing. Carol’s interest in horses became evident when, at the tender of age of two, she followed her first horse and rider an entire four blocks from her front yard of the small town in which she lived. That same passion is still stronger than ever today. She is the proud owner/Mom of two horses, 15 year old Annie Oakley and 31 year old Mihikata’s Shadow.

Editor-in-Chief of the monthly Boulder County Horse(mens) Association’s newsletter was one of her numerous leadership roles within the organization for many years. Carol was also an active Board member of the Colorado Horse Council in the late 1990s as a two term Chairperson for the group’s annual regional fundraiser, the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, held in conjunction with Colorado State University.